About Us

Beehive Associates is knowledge and practice based consulting organisation established under the laws of Zambia as a limited company. Founded in 2015 by a team of highly experienced multi-disciplinary professionals, Beehive works in the areas of education; environment; health; water sanitation and hygiene; monitoring and evaluation; and information technology. Each of the Beehive Associates team members has in excess of 20 years’ experience working in development with major contractors funded by donor agencies in Zambia and Southern Africa including the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), Department for International Development (DFID) and several United Nations (UN) agencies. Beehive Associates draws its inspiration and strength from the combined knowledge, experience and professional commitment of its associates – motivated by a desire to be on the cutting edge and driven by practiced-based learning. Beehive Associates is dedicated to help individuals and organisations transform their capacities and abilities within them, through collaborative learning approaches.

Beehive facilitates people centred learning approaches and views its clients as co-generators of knowledge and innovation. The company believes every individual and institution has the potential to do better. At the bottom of Beehive’s work culture is to facilitate practice centred approaches that lead to learning and system change for sustainability.

Our Mission

Beehive Associates is a multi-disciplinary knowledge and practice based consulting organisation devoted to creating innovations for a better world through education; environment; health; water sanitation and hygiene; and technology supported developmental work.


To be a leading one-stop cutting edge policy, research, training, capacity building and consultancy service provider in Africa.


Beehive Associates Limited has a team of professionally qualified and experienced experts to carry out a variety of assignments. The organization core team has well over 100 years’ experience working in development. Further, the firm has the capacity to engage the best available experts within and outside Zambia from its skills database to reinforce its work force.

In the recent past, Beehive Associates has worked with GIZ to develop the Local Government Management Information System (LGMIS), a WEB based application for all councils in Zambia with the following modules:

  • Council meetings and resolution tracking.
  • Finance systems tracking income and expenditure, assets, indebtedness;
  • Human Resources Management (used by councils and Local government commission), Development and training. The employee appraisal and performance is planned for release;
  • Project progress tracking; and
  • Council meetings and resolution tracking.

The councils work online a life transforming experience for many of them. The continual improvement and reduction of cost of technology is making all this possible.